News & Updates


Hope everyone is having a great New Year!

we will be having a Booth at Ripples in Long Beach this Saturday the 14th. Hope you can join us!





Cant wait to see everyone at the Bear Cruise This Sunday!



Greetings All! I'm excited to announce that we will be sponsoring this year's Long Beach Bear Cruise on August 14th! Check out the event details on and on our social media pages!

Everyone going that wants to wear some BW Swimwear to the event should use promo code BWSWIM at checkout for discount on all swimwear!



Summer is around the corner and we are getting ready to release some fun summer shirts and swimwear coming next month! stay tuned!



Hello Everyone, First of all want to thank every single one of you who have purchased a product, or that are even visiting our website.. Since we launched I have received so much love and support from everyone and its so humbling. Quick update, we are about to release some new shirts next week, and also a new hat design.. I welcome you to join our mailing list to get sneak peeks at new stuff and promo codes!



We have officially announced that we provide Shipping World Wide!!  Remember, we print each item specially for you, so please allow 3-5 business days for the item to ship from the date of purchase. We have a high quality control and make sure every item is perfect before sending it out!



We have officially launched and shirts are available for sale now! We will be offering International shipping very soon, please BEAR with us as we take care of that. Also, we will be having some giveaways on Instagram and Facebook this week so keep and eye out!



Our shirts are finally here!! Have been posting previews all week long and they will be available for purchase right in time for Spring! Hats coming soon!



Hello Everyone! Excited to announce that we will be releasing some awesome Tank Tops, and Sweaters by end of this month! Also some more items in the near future! Stay Tuned!



Our Kickstarter has ended, unfortunately we did not  reach our goal, might be due to bad timing by launching during the holidays, but Thank Your to the people who still pledged, they still will get the special discount code I promised.

At this time we will still continue with the Apparel part of our brand. I will be launching some awesome Tees, Tanks, Hats and Sweaters in a few days and those will be ready to order right away!

Thank you all who have supported us and cant wait to share new items soon!



Hope everyone had a great New Year! Busy working on more products that I plan on launching by end of January! Like I had mentioned, we are more than just underwear, we are Apparel too! Have some great designs ready to be launched for shirts, hats, etc. Thank you all for the support and cant wait to share the products soon! The underwear will have a later release date than planned, but they will still be here in 2016!



Hello everyone, we had an event last night at Pistons Bar in Long Beach for our kickstarter, met a lot of great people. Hope we can count on your support and pre order your own pair today! limited time remaining!



Hello Everyone! Just wanted to remind you all that our kickstarter is now up and running! We would appreciate all your support and to go pledge to pre-order a pair for yourself or a loved one!

Also, anyone that pledges will be receiving a secret promo code for an extra 25% discount on a future order!



Excited to announce that our KICKSTARTER will finally be launching Tonight at Midnight local time (PST). Ill be posting the link once its up!!! Can't wait for everyone to check it out and also our new photos from our shoot we had last night! Thank you all for your support!



Greetings everyone! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend (for those who celebrate it) Just wanted to do a quick update, we have decided to Launch our Kickstarter in the middle of December, so it will go thru Christmas and end in the middle of January! I will be announcing the official date soon.. keep checking for new updates and also on our social media pages!



Hello Everyone! Wanted to thank you for visiting our page.. a quick update on our Kickstarter, we are just taking care of some behind the scene stuff to make sure there are no issues once it launches. Sorry for the delay guys! we promise its worth the wait :)



Had a great time in San Francisco, about to head back to LA and keep working on our launch coming up!! Check out our Instagram for some great photos of our latest shoot.



Had a photoshoot last night with Jonathan Russell, the new 2016 Mr. Bear LA. So excited to share the photos with everyone on our social media pages. 



Getting ready for our San Francisco trip this weekend.. taking advantage to promote up there and take some awesome photos! stay tuned.



Stayed up late filming our Kickstarter video.. Excited for everyone to learn more about us and our brand.



We are working our line and getting the word out.. Keep an eye out for more updates on here and on our Social Media pages.